Saturday, August 31, 2013

Smart extends unlimited LTE until October 31

Smart LTE Unlimited Extension August October 2013

The extension of Smart LTE unlimited data plans seems to be a never-ending saga. When Smart launched their LTE network on August of last year, they said the all-you-can-eat LTE plans will only last until October of 2012. Then there was an extension. And another, and another… Unlimited LTE on most of their plans is supposed to end today, August 31.

But then, as you may have guessed, they are giving customers on the iPhone, Unlimited Data, and Smart Bro LTE Plans another chance to use LTE to their heart’s content until October 31, 2013. Smart’s unlimited LTE plans costs P50 a day, P299 for 7 days, and P995 a month.

However, it looks like the extension only applies to customers on a monthly plan and excludes prepaid users. But don’t fret, we’ve reached out to the folks at Smart to confirm if this is the case.

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