Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Noreve Leather Case for GALAXY Note 10.1

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Cases are now almost becoming a norm for mobile devices out there, especially since not all are built to resist wear and tear. These cases vary by design, functionality, and the price. In this review, we’ll feature the Noreve Tradition Leather Case for the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.

PART 1: Packaging

The case comes nicely presented in an elegant-looking packaging. It is evident on the premium box the case sits in as well as the actual cloth covering for the case itself. This is a really nice touch and is good for gifts and presents. My only suggestion is that they should offer an option for a simple packaging with a lesser price tag.

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PART 2: Design and Functionality

The external part of the case is hand-made from real leather, which has that addicting smell that’s immediately noticeable when you unbox it. It’s internal seems to be made of a synthetic leather with a soft-touch. It has openings for the ports and buttons on the top which means you don’t have to take it out just to access those.

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It also has a small cut-out for the S Pen which is really handy and easily accessible. Three ridges on the cover allows you to position the Note 10.1 at different angles which is useful when you’re watching a video, or using it on your lap for browsing the web or other functions.

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The case has a flap on the side which clips on the top of the Note 10.1 when you close it. It doesn’t scratch the side of the Note 10.1 as the flap is still made of real leather. A cut-out for the charging port on the bottom is also there, which lets you charge it without the need to have the case open. An opening is present on the back for the camera and LED flash, of course.

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The Verdict

The Noreve Tradition Leather Case delivers what it is expected to do. It protects the Note 10.1 from an scratches and offers extra functionality as well without the small compromises other cases have. It is also well made, and has a premium quality which I expect will last long on everyday use.

The good
Real leather
Premium quality
Offers access for ports and buttons
Comfortable landscape usage

The bad
Quite pricey, they should offer a simpler packaging option

The Noreve Tradition Leather Case for the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is available at their website for $106.20, which might easily sound expensive for some. There are a variety of textures and colors that you can choose from.

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