Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Globe to offer DSL and Fiber connections at lower prices? P1,299 for 20Mbps?

Globe Fiber 100Mbps 4099

YugaTech got hold of a confidential document from Globe which details the new proposed DSL and Fiber pricing. An anonymous source has told them that Globe Telecom is finalizing deals and negotiations with local media companies to bundle Internet TV services too.

The new alleged pricing for the Tattoo@Home plans seems to have gotten a nose dive, with the entry-level 1Mbps plan only costing P299 per month. Some existing plans got huge bumps in the connection speed too. Take the Plan 1299 as an example, which now has speeds of up to 20Mbps from 2Mbps today.

The Internet and TV plans start at P2,099 per month for 40Mbps and costs as much as P4,099 for 100Mbps. it will supposedly have up to 70 channels.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. The price adjustments are too significant for Globe to offer, though not exactly extra-ordinary. ISP’s in the other countries offer home internet connections for low monthly prices already. For instance, British Telecommunications (BT) in the UK charges £26/month (~P1,700) for its 76Mbps Infinity 2 service and £35/month (~P2,300) for it's 100Mbps Infinity service.

However, if this is true, Globe will definitely give PLDT a run for its money. At the present, Globe offers Fiber, through it's Tattoo Torque brand, for P4,299 for 10Mbps, P6,299 for 15Mbps, P14,999 for 50Mbps, and P19,999 for the 100Mbps plan. On the other hand, PLDT Fibr has monthly charges of P3,500 for 8Mbps, P5,800 for 20Mbps, P8,800 for 50Mbps, and P20,000 for 100Mbps.

UPDATE: These plans are not true, according to a representative from Globe.

Source: YugaTech

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