Friday, February 1, 2013

Twitter says up to 250,000 accounts may have been hacked

Twitter Hack 250,000 Accounts

Twitter recently announced that it has been hacked. In a post on their blog, the company has detailed that it has detected unusual activity patterns this last week which ultimately led them to identify the unauthorized access of Twitter’s user data.

Twitter even spotted one ongoing attack and was able to stop it mere moments later. However, they say the investigation has revealed that some 250,000 user accounts may have been affected by the attack. User information such as usernames, email address, session tokens (which is used to store log-ins), and salted or encrypted versions of passwords may have had been accessed.

As a result, Twitter has reset the passwords of those accounts. If you’re one of the victims, you should have or will receive an email notifying you that you need to create a new password on your next log-in. You will have to enter your new password on every app or browser you use as Twitter has cleared the log-in sessions for the affected accounts.

Source: Twitter

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