Saturday, February 16, 2013

Globe bares new MaxSurf data bundles

Globe MaxSurf

Globe today announced their new MaxSurf data bundles which seems to be really affordable.

MaxSurf looks like the one that will ultimately replace the the future. MaxSurf has three variants: the 700MB data pack for P100 for 3 days, the 1.2GB data pack for P170 for 5 days, and the 3.5GB data pack for P500 for 15 days. There seems to be no 1-day and 30-day options for MaxSurf, though.

However, it looks like Globe oversaw the 700MB data pack. For the same amount and validity, you can get 1GB of data if you’ll use their new GoSakto registration system. Nevertheless, these new offers looks good especially if you need an ample amount of data over a short period of time, let’s say when you’re on a vacation (inbound roamers, anyone?) and there’s no Wi-Fi in sight.

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Is the MaxSurf MB allocation is for the valid days or per day? Example, MaxSurf100 which has 700MB allocation and valid for 3 days. Is it, 700MB per day. Or 700MB for 3 days?

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