Monday, August 5, 2013

Smart Prepaid LTE SIM card poses for the camera, launching tomorrow for P40 (update)

Smart Prepaid LTE SIM Card P40

UPDATED: 5:10 PM August 9, 2013

Have you been wanting to get a prepaid Smart LTE SIM card but always find them to be mostly non-existent at Smart Stores and don’t want to shell out a few hundred or even thousand of pesos for one? Well, your dilemma is about to end real soon.

Smart’s real prepaid LTE SIM card has just been pictured. The SIM card, which bears a P40 price tag, was reportedly purchased at a Smart Store in SM Iloilo. It comes with a dual-cut SIM card for use on devices with a micro and mini SIM. A standalone nano SIM will be available for P100.

The main difference between the Smart Prepaid LTE SIM and the Smart Broadband Prepaid LTE SIM is that the latter does not allow registrations for call and text promos, which is important if you call and text a lot. The regular Prepaid LTE SIM does not come with a free 7-day LTE subscription, as with all other SIM cards sold for P40.

For those living in the south, you can snag one by going to the said Smart Store and ask for the Smart Prepaid LTE SIM — the one for phones (a store employee will ask about this).

For everyone else, you can wait for a few days before it becomes available. You can try checking out your nearest Smart Store, but I cannot guarantee that you will find one. Smart will formally launch the Prepaid LTE SIM card on August 6, that’s tomorrow!

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