Sunday, December 8, 2013

My life is a lie! Prank your friends and win a Crumpler bag for you and him

Crumpler Hack and Prank

People of the internet, beware! A lot of social media accounts are going to be hacked this Christmas season. Yes, that’s right. Crumpler is currently running a very funny contest wherein you will have to post something humorous on one of your friends’ Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You can post something like “I was told that I was adopted. My whole life is a big lie!” or “I pooped in my pants earlier… Ugh.” It’s really up to you as to what you will post on their accounts and how you will do that (Maybe you can borrow their phone…). The funnier, the better!

And just in case your friend gets mad at you after those postings, don’t worry. Crumpler will give away a bag for you and your friend! “Hey, here. Please take my peace offering.” LOL!

Crumpler will give away a pair of bags every week for the whole month of December. So if you want to get going, check out the mechanics on their website.

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I really hope this is true. I've been waiting for the iPad Air since November 1. :))

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