Thursday, February 6, 2014

Price of fast home internet in the Philippines is going down

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband Platinum Plans

The beginning of 2014 has been through a rocky start — at least on the side of the networks. Globe started to strictly enforce its fair-use policy for mobile data connections which garnered a lot of mixed, mostly negative reactions from their subscribers. They should work that out.

Anyway, the main reason I wrote this post is to share an interesting development on home broadband. A couple of years ago, PLDT and Globe introduced fiber connections to the market. Fiber used to cost a lot of money back then. A 100-megabit connection came at P20,000 a month — PLDT still charges the same today. Fast forward to present day and it’s already down to P11,999 on Globe. I know, still a bit expensive. But that’s a huge difference!

Hopefully Globe will expand its fiber coverage so they can get this kind of fast home internet to everyone and PLDT will follow their new pricing.

See it for yourself. Head over here to check Globe’s Tattoo Platinum Plans and here for PLDT’s Fibr Plans.

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try UBERCOUPONPHILIPPINES and get PHP1,000 credits for free. I tried it and it worked. Free ride. :)

This is great! It's not that expensive. It's like having your own limo service (except they don't use limos) or renting out private cars (except this one's metered). This is great especially for certain occasions where you have a special occasion to get to (like hotels or weddings--and this is better than arriving in a cab definitely) and your car is coding or there is some sort of emergency or just can't be bothered with driving and you don't want to get frazzled and frustrated with parking, etc. This is indeed helpful.

Thank you for giving that 20km sample/comparison too. It was nice and helpful. Though you could have just limited it to 10km since the service is concentrated mostly in the Fort and Makati area only.

Which brings me to a few notes/concerns that wasn't addressed in their blog. They should really expand beyond Makati and Fort, like the neighboring cities (Paranaque, manadaluyong, Pasay, Ortigas, Quezon city, etc.) I mean it's most likely we usually concentrate going to these areas alone. And what does it mean that they are available in Makati and Fort area only. Does that mean you have to either live in Fort and Makati and then your destination is only Fort and Makati as well? Or the service could be anywhere but destination should be Makati and Fort?

If it's the former, it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I mean Makati and Fort are super close I'd really just rather use a cab (except maybe a wedding or formal occasions).

My other concern is security. I have a Paypal account but for the Philippines they want to use my credit card directly so I have to give them information (sensitive) about my credit card details. Which I am wary of. They have direct access to my account. I'd rather use Paypal (or something similar) because at least I have only one company to blame or run to when there are weird transactions on my account. But with the proliferation of online shops and all which ask directly for your credit card information, it's not safe to leave your account with them. Like with some of the discount sites that don't use a third party payment ware and where you leave your credit card info (I didn't realize this then)--if someone manages to hack your account (not credit card) or guess your password, they can just buy things off using your account since they were able to access it and payment is directly deducted from the credit card info they already have (I prefer being redirected to a third party payment processor and enter passwords and number and such all the time). This happened to me with Metrodeal (ongoing case--long story--but I was able to report it within the hour of the purchase and it was cancelled. But they haven't returned the money to me yet and it's been SIX MONTHS!).

And what if your phone got stolen? And you don't have a password (or you just didn't put any so if the perpetrator uses the camera you can catch their faces and identity because it goes directly to an online storage account). They can use this app and the services will just be directly charged to your credit card. I know I can just change my passwords or something in the event my phone is stolen--but honestly, I won't be able to remember every single account or app I have on my cellphone so I'd rather just not put my info at all. It's just too risky.

I'd really rather they use a third party payment processor where you are redirected to a secure link to enter your details which will only be available for that certain period of time rather than leaving my info here.

I may have to get a prepaid debit/credit card just for these purposes. :)

That's great news then!

Hope Globe is true to what they say. I'm excited about the usage allowance indicating 'no', I really hope it's for real because i feel conquering the world with that type connection!


Hi, is it possible also to know in what promo does a certain mobile number is registered?

Very Useful ito kasi check lang ako ng check kung may load pa ang nanay at tatay ko, pag wala na, send lang ako ng load. Nagtataka pa sila bakit alam ko ng wala na silang load. Napakabait na anak daw ako hahaha.

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