Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple Announces the iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

The first day of the WWDC by Apple has just finished and they announced a handful of new interesting things! But first off, the iOS 6 (although they announced this on the last part).

iOS 6 Hero

The iOS 6 brings over 200 new features to what is claimed to be the most advanced mobile operating system. Among those 200, Apple showed the 10 new major things which I will show you below.


iOS 6 Maps

Apple has yanked Google Maps on their native Maps.app on the new IOS 6. Along that they also bring in new features such as the Flyover which will let you see cities in 3D from above as if you’re on a helicopter. There’s also the most requested turn-by-turn navigation, as well as a crowd-sourced traffic information provided by anonymous users.


iOS 6 Siri

Siri learned three new things on iOS 6. She can now check info about sports, look-up for movies, and even find restaurant based on your tastes (well based on what you like). She can now also launch apps and send status updates for you. Apple even partnered up with several car manufacturers for the feature they call Eyes Free – which will basically let you talk to Siri at the press of a button on your car’s steering wheel. Siri also learned new languages. You can now talk to her in English and Canadian French, Spanish, Italian, Swiss French, Swiss German, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


iOS 6 Facebook

As expected, the new iOS 6 brings in Facebook integration. You can now share photos, links, and even like and recommend songs and apps without even launching the app. This also brings calendar and contacts integration.

Shared Photo Streams

iOS 6 Shared Photo Streams

With the revamped Photo Stream, you can now share your photos with the people you want, most likely the people already on your contacts list. Once you share a photo with them, it will instantly appear on their devices as long as they have iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. You can also send links to people who doesn’t have an Apple device. They can comment and like your photos.


iOS 6 Passbook

Apple introduced the new Passbook app which basically organizes your tickets, your cards, and other passes in one app. You can use the app to enter movie theatres and even check-in to your flights just by presenting your device. What’s even cooler is that the app is always updated with the info needed. For example it will alert you if your flight details has changed.


iOS 6 Facetime

Finally Apple has realized they need to make Facetime work not just on Wi-Fi, but on cellular data too. This feature existed many years ago on Symbian devices. But that’s another story.


iOS 6 Phone

Apple has also revamped how the phone functionality works. When someone calls, you can now slide the screen up and you can choose whether to answer or not – and even send them a message. Perfect for “oh my God, there’s someone calling” in meetings moment. There’s also a new Do Not Disturb feature which will basically silence all calls at the time you set. Say goodbye to broken sleeps.


iOS 6 Mail

New in the Mail app is the VIP inbox which will list all your important messages from the people you choose – be it your boss, your mom, or your cousin in a far far away land. And finally… you can now attach photos and videos right from the compose screen.


iOS 6 Safari

The new Mobile Safari now have iCloud tabs which syncs your active tabs from Safari on your other devices. It also now have a full-screen mode when held in landscape as well as offline reading list.


iOS 6 Accessibility

There’s a new Guided Access feature that will be useful to administrators, teachers, and parents so they can restrict one’s access to just one app by disabling the home button, and limiting the touch input to specific apps.

iOS 6 will be available for iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or later, and iPod touch 4th generation. It will be released this coming fall, when the new iPhone comes out.

So there you have it, the 10 major changes in the iOS 6. There’s even more for you to check out right at Apple’s website.

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