Friday, June 8, 2012

Smart Offers Free Facebook Access for Mobile Users

Smart Communications announced that it will start offering free access to Facebook Mobile to its subscribers.

Starting today, June 8, users of Facebook on Smart can now have access to the website for free on their mobile phones.

Smart encourages users to download the official Facebook Mobile application by sending FB to 211 and click on the download link. Once installed, they can now access their account for free, as long as you maintain P1 balance. The Facebook Mobile app will work on most feature phones which are used by some 24 million Smart subscribers.

Alternatively, users of high-end phones may also access the mobile Facebook site as it will give you a richer experience. Subscribing to separate data plans such as Always On is recommended - but optional - as smartphones tend to automatically do background tasks which requires internet connection too, such as syncing and checking for updates.

That's it. Free Facebook access starting today, from Smart. Full press release can be found below.

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