Monday, June 11, 2012

iOS 6 Beta Download Links Surface Ahead of WWDC

A bunch of download links for the iOS 6 beta has been posted at MacRumors a day before the WWDC.
Apple iOS 6 Beta WWDC 2012
The links came from a post at a Chinese forum and clicking on the links will direct you to the page as shown above. It throws a ‘session expired’ error and prompting me to log-in and download the file again, adding more credibility on these links.
Another is that Apple seems to have dropped the support for the first generation iPad as well as the 3rd generation iPod touch, while still supporting the almost 4-year old iPhone 3GS. It can be attributed to the iPad being a device with more resolution it has to manage while it only has 256 MB of RAM than the iPhone 3GS with less resolution but with the same RAM. What I’m not sure is why Apple has dropped the support for the 3rd generation iPod even it has the same RAM as the iPhone 3GS.
A beta link for Safari 6 is included too.
iOS 6
The links include:
Third-generation iPad
Consumer: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)
Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)
iPad 2
Consumer: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi
Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi
Consumer: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS
Enterprise: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS
iPod touch
Consumer: 4th Generation
Enterprise: 4th Generation
Apple TV
Consumer: 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation
Other iOS
iOS 6 Beta Guide (PDF)
Installing Apple TV Software (PDF)
Safari 6
Consumer: Safari 6 Developer Preview for Lion, Uninstaller
All we can do is to wait for the keynote on Monday (Tuesday morning here in Manila).

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Do we still need to register (activate?) our UDIDs, or can we install these via iTunes? If we need to register our UDIDs, can anyone comment on This is the site everyone keeps going on about...

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