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Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Now Available (GUIDE)

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After a more than 3 months of wait, the jailbreak for the A5 devices iPhone 4S and iPad 2 has finally come. For the time being, go to to know more on how the thing works. Just a warning to people who wants their iDevice getting out of Apple's prickly limitations, update now to 5.0.1 before they patches the exploit on another update. Unlockers should take note though, stay away from 5.0.1.

UPDATE 2: Absinthe is now available for both Mac OS and Windows! Check the guide below for the Windows version. Credits to for the guide.

Make sure you backup your iPhone or iPad on iTunes before doing the jailbreak! We will not be responsible for any damage that may occur on your device!

1. Update your iPhone 4S to either iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 (the iPad 2 must be updated to iOS 5.0.1). iPhone users waiting for an unlock should stay at iOS 5 for now.
2. Download the Absinthe software by click here.
3. Unzip the Absinthe archive.

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4. Right-click the absinthe.exe application and select Run as administrator. If your computer asks whether or not to run Absinthe click Allow to proceed.
5. Connect the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to the computer via USB cable.

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6. Click the Jailbreak button in the lower right of the Absinthe application window.
7. The iPhone screen will display Restore in Progress. Do not touch the iPhone until Absinthe completes the restore process!
8. When Absinthe finishes, unlock the iPhone and find the Absinthe icon on one of your home screens. Tap the Absinthe icon to run the next step of the jailbreak.
9. The greenpois0n site will load briefly in mobile Safari then the iPhone 4S reboots.
10. The Absinthe icon automatically gets replaced by a Cydia icon after reboot. Your device is now jailbroken!
11. When running Cydia (the jailbreak app store) for the first time the program will take a few minutes to initialize. After this completes, navigate to the Changes menu and touch Refresh in the upper left hand corner to update the list of current software.

UPDATE: is down at the moment. I've also included the steps for Windows and Mac OS users below. Credits to for the guide.

1. Download CLI Absinthe by clicking here. Connect your device to your computer.
2. Extract the folder named cinject_0.4.3 into the system folder, i.e. C:\.
3. Now go to the start menu, type cmd.exe and hit enter.
4. In the command window, type: CD C:\cinject_0.4.3 as shown to get into the required folder.
5. Type: cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig.

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6. Type cinject.exe -j payloads, hit enter and wait for the backup.
7. Type the command cinject.exe -w.
8. Get in your device and tap on Absinthe icon to get your jailbreak done in few minutes.

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i got an error find slide
error find slide how i fix this? please!

Try to turn on VPN on your device, or backup and erase all content and settings and try again.

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