Thursday, January 26, 2012

Official! Premium Contents Now Available on Nokia Store in the Philippines

We just received the official press release regarding the paid (premium) contents availability on Nokia Store here in the Philippines.

You may now buy premium apps just by using your prepaid credits or be charged on your phone bill. For now, the operator billing is only available for Globe subscribers, but it should be available for Smart users soon. The Nokia Store currently racks up to 11 million downloads daily. Some of the most downloaded apps and games in the Philippines are Facebook Chat, Skype, Adventure of Ted, and eBuddy. There are also 3 publishers from the Philippines who already have more than 1 million downloads at the store. Those are Y&R Philippines, MRM Studios, and Octacore Games.

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DD: premium products have been available for about a month now.

Yes but it's only now that Nokia has released an official announcement press release about this.

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