Tuesday, January 31, 2012

UPDATED! Something's Wrong With Blogger!

Yesterday just before I sleep, I opened MisterJonjon.com on my phone and I noticed some weird triangles on the timestamps. I became worried by that time and I tried opening my blog on PC, thank God it's fine. I thought it might just be my phone acting up.

Fast forward to this morning, all I can see are black triangles all over my blog! Something's really wrong with Blogger. I browsed Google forums and found out that it's not only me. A few users are also seeing the weird black triangle on their blogs too.

Care to help, Google? Anyone else experiencing this weird issue?

UPDATE: I figured out that the images that was used in the template of my blog is not working anymore. To fix this, all you have to do is download the template from where you originally got it, browse through the images in that archive or folder, and upload them to a reliable image hosting. I think the author of the template accidentally deleted the images on his/her account. After you have uploaded the images, go edit your layout and find all '.png' texts there and replace it with your own. FIXED! :)

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