Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smart LTE to be Ready By Mid-2012

Smart Communications is fast-tracking it's network upgrade to 4G LTE. In a press release, Smart said that their network will be "LTE-ready" by as early as mid-2012. That means we can expect the network to go live in some key cities in the country as early as June or July.

To do this, they are installing Single RAN (Radio Access Network) base stations in all of their 13,000 cell sites nationwide. More than 5,000 base stations of Smart are now 4G ready, with almost 3,000 - on the other hand - are now 4G enabled. I'm not sure if that means they now have about 3,000 4G enabled base stations and another 5,000 which can be shortly upgraded to 4G, because 4G ready basically means "ready for 4G upgrade". If my instinct is correct, then we can soon expect about 8,000 4G base stations from Smart! Wow!

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