Monday, January 9, 2012

Full Symbian^3 Source Code Along With Bootloader Source!!

OHH MY GOD!!! This is something that I didn't expected! The full Symbian^3 source code has been made available on the Internet, along with the bootloader source code that modders can use to find a way on how to unlock it, and to be able to run other OSes on Symbian^3 devices!! Check out the links below if you want to download it.

Symbian OS Layer

Adaptation Layer

Symbian Middleware

Source Code for Symbian^3 Applications (i.e. Music Player, Screensaver, etc.)

The bootloader source code is located at the Symbian OS layer, within this location: OS\kernelhwsvr\brbootldr

This will open a whole new possibilities for many modifications on Symbian^3! Hopefully many modders (or developers/hackers) will make use of this to make Symbian even more better. Will we finally see Android or other OS on a Symbian^3 device soon?

Source: DailyMobile Forum

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Don't get your hopes up. According to CODeRUS himself, these files won;t help us have different operating systems on our devices:

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