Friday, August 10, 2012

4 Business Tools to Check Out if You're Looking for Ways to Save

Nowadays, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on costs every step of the way. Given the economic uncertainty and the very competitive market landscape, that doesn't come as a surprise. And if you're a business owner looking to be successful on the cost containment front, it pays to check out the following tools:


For a lot of businesses, CRMs and intranets allow for effective communication and overall productivity in the workplace. And if you're thinking these tools are too heavy on the cost side, you may be right, but only if you're looking on the wrong side. is a social communications and collaboration application that's 100% free for small businesses consisting of a total of 12 members. Essentially, Bitrix24 merges all of your separate work applications into an all-in-one solution - CRM for monitoring of sales and transactions, live streaming, intranet, file and document sharing, calendar and activity planner, workforce monitoring and more. Bitrix24 is cloud-based and therefore requires no installation. It can also be accessed anywhere you are and anytime you need to via your PC's web browser or your smartphone. For larger companies, a monthly subscription of $99 is available for an unlimited number of users.


Some people have a knack for names. Others, unfortunately, don't. If you're a business owner, you know that the name you choose for your business, product or service plays a very important role in your branding and advertising endeavors. And if you happen to not have the talent for naming things, you become target market for a branding agency's services. But be warned, these agencies charge too high a price for the help they're willing to extend., in the naming business since 2007, is a crowdsourcing platform that assists individuals and businesses in coming up with catchy, relevant, easy-to-pronounce and catchy business/product names, slogans and website domains. PickyDomains now has over 50,000 registered contributors hailing from different regions of the globe. To start receiving recommendations from this diverse group of creative people, simply register with the site and become a client, make a $50 deposit for a name or domain (slogans are priced at $75) and specify your guidelines. If none of the hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions pitched is to your liking, at the click of a button, you get a refund.


Automation in business is a process that allows for minimization of expenses, restructuring of available resources and streamlining of workflows, which is why business process automation, or BPA, is the norm among majority of businesses nowadays. is a breakthrough automation and collaboration solution especially created for cross-functional work organizations. With Comindware Tracker's ultra-flexible ElasticData technology, you get to formalize workflow processes, and if warranted, change them later without disrupting current operations. With Workflow Builder, a simplification feature that eliminates the need for previous IT or designing experience, you get to visually design and edit workflows by simply dragging and dropping items in your user interface, and in a matter of minutes, your new workflow is ready for implementation with just a single click. Comindware Tracker comes free with Comindware Task Management, a system that, among others, takes full control of scattered tasks across spreadsheets and inboxes. Comindware offers a free 30-day trial for unlimited users. And when you're finally ready to implement the Comindware automation system in your business, Comindware also offers discount packages depending on the number of software licenses you intend to purchase.


Sometimes, business calls for travel, frequent or otherwise. And if you're determined to cut down on costs, flying to your destination via tickets on promo is the best way to go. But due to the stiff competition in the airline industry nowadays, airlines are confining their best offers into their own sites, prompting deal seekers to go from one site to another to find the cheapest possible tickets. is a metasearch application that methodically sifts through 700+ individual airlines and hundreds of travel sites for the cheapest airfare promos available, and makes the data it collects readily accessible in a single location. With JetRadar, not only are you guaranteed the most value for your money, you also save on time and effort to find the best airfare deals.

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