Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple may or may not release the iPad mini in the Philippines on Friday

Apple Black Friday Sale

Apple will be having a so-called ‘one-day shopping event’ this Friday, November 23 — which falls on Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season. The company has already sent out teasers in which an iPad is concealed in a green Smart Cover. There’s not so much to delve into the image but I hope Apple will release the 4th generation iPad on that day because for almost a month already, people have not been able to purchase a current-generation full-sized iPad. They’re still selling the iPad 2, though it’s already more than a year old.

Perhaps they’ll also release the iPad mini? Oh, November 23 is exactly 30 days after the announcement of that — makes sense! Meanwhile, check out the alleged official pricing of the iPad mini here.

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you can also viiew price of
Apple iPad Mini 16GB Here
and compare to other major stores here in the Philippines.

Yes, is there any different in terms of price compare to other country? Some of the company here in the Philippines offers the Best Price...

I hope the price will be cheaper than the other country. Where can I find iPad Mini? My Budget is PHP 12K. Thanks!!!

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