Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Instagram coming to Windows Phone 8?

Instagram for Windows Phone

Rumors broke out a few days ago suggesting that Instagram might really launch on Windows Phone. It started when the Instagram icon was spotted plastered on the screen on a carrier promotion banner at Portugal. The icon could just be erroneously Photoshopped on the render, as with many other cases.

Instagram for Windows Phone 2

But today, another news surfaced from Chinese website WPDang, which has been somewhat accurate in the past, which claims that they have been tipped by an anonymous source that says Instagram for Windows Phone is currently under development and is indeed ‘landing shortly’. Perhaps to spice it up, there will be an extra filter than the iOS and Android versions that will be exclusive to the Windows Phone version.

Lastly, the site further says that Instagram will be initially exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices and will be only available to Windows Phone 8.

Sources: WPCentral, WPDang

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