Monday, March 4, 2013

That Samsung Galaxy S IV image circulating on the Internet is fake

Samsung Galaxy S IV S4 Philippines

You may have seen an article or two about an alleged leaked photo of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV today. The so-called ‘leaked photos’ comes from the ever infamous Twitter user @evleaks, which has been accurate most of the time before.

But before you judge the photo and say anything, good or bad, about the device, I just want to let you know that those images are fake. Twitter user Stefan Constantine asked Expansys, an online electronics retailer, about the image. And truth be told, the company said that the images were just a render made by their web designers and that @evleaks stole and added a watermark on it.

If you are interested, check out Expansys’ placeholder webpage for the Galaxy S IV. The webpage states that the info and images are “not official and is subject to change after the official release of the device.”

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