Friday, April 19, 2013

Smart to announce LTE for prepaid tomorrow, here are the details

Smart LTE Prepaid

News that Smart will announce LTE for prepaid subscribers tomorrow are making rounds online. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow because we have independently confirmed the pricing details for the forthcoming subscriptions.

Apparently, Smart will offer LTE for prepaid in unlimited variants, just like its UnliSurf counterparts. There will be a total of three available variants with the same pricing for the postpaid LTE, 1-day for P50, 7-days for P299, and 30-days for P995. It is not immediately clear if Smart will be offering volume-based packages too or whether there will be a fair-use policy that will be imposed on the plans, although the latter is definitely probable.

Other important details such as the pricing for the LTE modems and other devices are currently not available, though it is expected to be announced tomorrow.

The prepaid LTE will be available for Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid SIMs.

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WOAH! I gotta love SMART! I tried subscribing yesterday for an LTE package since I didn't see the note: For postpaid subscribers only. But I never got connected to LTE. I guess I was just too excited. Gotta try it later. Woot!

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