Friday, April 5, 2013

Find out if a mobile number is from Smart, Sun, or Globe with Smart’s SIM ID service

Smart SIM Service

Do you know the feeling when you’re registered to a call or text promo and were accidentally calling or texting a number that doesn’t belong to the same network you’re on? Do you always ask your friends or family the “Ano ba yung 0918, Smart or Globe?” question? Well, the times of that are about to end as you can now check from what network a mobile number is registered with Smart’s SIM ID service, which just launched yesterday.

Checking a mobile number is ABC-easy. Simply text SIM 09181234567 to 5757. Just replace the number with any number that you like. It’s free and requires no balance. Now I hope you don’t buy a Smart SIM just to use this service. :-P

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