Friday, April 5, 2013

Globe lauds NTC on imposing ban on illegal repeaters

Globe AirBoost Femtocell

Globe Telecom expressed approval on the recent memorandum order the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) which prohibits the use of illegal and unregistered mobile signal repeaters.

The order came in light of the reports of weak and erratic mobile signal caused by interference of the said repeaters. Such devices come in form of outdoor and indoor antennas which are intended to boost the signal in areas with weak or no service. However, using devices outside of the optimum settings usually cause undesirable results such as signal degradation which affects other subscribers in surrounding places, which in turn, is blamed on the carriers.

Signal repeaters are not really prohibited in the country as long as it is properly installed and operated. In fact, Globe offers an indoor solution, a femtocell, which they call the AirBoost (pictured above). A femtocell amplifies and repeats the signal available and requires and connects to your home broadband connection to transmit the data (SMS, calls, mobile data) to the network.

Source: Globe

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