Monday, September 2, 2013

Smart offers the iPad mini for P999 per month with P1,500 upfront payment

Smart iPad mini Plan 999 399 Philippines

Here’s a nice offer from Smart for those who want to get an iPad mini but are on tight budget. They are running a promo wherein you can get a 16GB iPad mini 3G/LTE model for just P999 per month and a one-time upfront payment of P1,500. The monthly fee consists of the Smart Bro Plan 399 with 50 hours of data connection and the P600 amortization fee. If you think you’ll go over the data allowance by accident, Smart’s ABS (anti-bill shock) feature is there to back it up. What it means is when you go over the P999 threshold on your bill (excluding the amortization), it will automatically switch to an unlimited plan. In that scenario, your bill would then be P1,599.

Do take note that the Smart Bro Plan 399 is only a 3G data plan. If you want to connect to their LTE network, you would have to subscribe to the LTE data plans which costs P50 a day, P299 a week, and P995 a month. For your average surfing needs, I believe 3G is enough. I personally easily hit 4 to 8 megabits on their 3G network. Not that bad, actually.

You can check out the list of Smart Stores where you can get an iPad mini here.

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