Friday, September 20, 2013

Sun Cellular offers unlimited browsing thru Opera Mini at just P15

Sun Cellular Opera Mini BrowseOn

Sun Cellular and browser maker Opera has announced a partnership to offer affordable unlimited browsing plans to its prepaid customers.

The newly-announced BrowseOn Opera packages, which only works with Opera Mini, offers unlimited browsing at very affordable rates. The daily package only costs P15, while the 7-day package costs P80, the 15-day package P160, and the monthly package just P299. The packages should be beneficial to those who are still using feature phones that can’t take advantage of full-fledged browser as Opera Mini compresses webpages to load them faster.

To prevent users from abusing the cheap packages, Sun has put a per-file download and upload limit of 15MB. What this means is basically, you can still download and upload as many files as you want as long as each file’s size is no more than 15MB. For instance, you can upload 30 2MB photos, or you can save let’s say 20 5MB songs.

To avail of the packages, simply text OPERA15 (1 day), OPERA80 (7 days), OPERA 160 (15 days), or OPERA299 (30 days) to 247. You can download the Opera Mini browser designed for Sun at Opera Mini works with most of all mobile platforms (Nokia S40, Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc.).

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