Saturday, February 18, 2012

Have a Feature Phone with No App Store of it's Own? Then Try Globe's MyAppsMall

People today usually care for the operating system of the phone that they are about to buy, and if it has a lot of apps available on their respective application store. iOS has App Store, Android has the Android Market, Nokia Store for the Nokia devices, Marketplace for Windows Phones, and a bunch of other stores.

But what if you've got a feature phone, or other phones that don't have their own app stores? Where will you get your apps? Downloading apps on the web is very risky since there's a lot of threats in unauthorized apps.

Globe Telecom solves that problem by offering their own app store, introducing the MyAppsMall.

MyAppsMall offers apps and games to various phone brands, from Nokia, Samsung, LG, to Sony Ericsson (now Sony Mobile), and other brands, you name it.

Here's the top 5 must-have apps for me:
1. Opera Mobile - This browser is know for it's Opera Turbo technology which compresses web pages to save data bandwidth. Instead of loading up a whole 2Mb webpage, Opera Mobile will do the job and compress it to say 200kB. This will come very handy if you're subscribed to Globe's PowerSurf MB data plans.
2. FriendCaster - A fully loaded Facebook app for Android Phones with extra features such as photo editing with effects, this could be the best Facebook app ever for Android! Plus, it's free. I know Filipinos likes things with the word FREE.
3. TweetCaster - I'm always on Twitter. Before I sleep, I check Twitter. Before I get up in the morning, I check Twitter. Everyone seems to be doing the same. Get TweetCaster and it will make tweeting a lot more easier! It has multiple accounts support, TwitLonger support if 140 characters is not enough for you, and, posting to Facebook!
4. Windows Live Hotmail - Straight to the point, this is a Hotmail email client that you would appreciate. Checking your emails would be a breeze if you install this app!
5. Google - This app is the portal to everything Google! GMail, Search, Transalations, and more in one app.

That's the 5 apps that I always use on my phone in my everyday life. How about you? Download apps now at MyAppsMall to get started! =)

This is my official entry to the Globe-YugaTech My Apps Mall Contest.

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