Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nokia Philippines Bans Sales of Lumia Phones from Grey Market Sellers

In a Facebook post, Widget City - a big retailer of a range of devices, including yet unreleased phones in the Philippines, said that Nokia Philippines has restricted them to sell the Lumia lineup in the country.

The reason for the restriction has not been disclosed by Widget City. We're not yet also sure if this action applies to most, if not all, of the grey market retailers. We've reached out to Nokia Philippines for an update.

Widget City added that the sales will resume again by April, which adds credibility to the rumors that the Lumia lineup will be released in the country at the month.

Source: Widget City
Via: @jameancheta

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I was poised to buy Nokia Lumia 800 from Widget City this month of March, but after hearing this ban thingy of Nokia on selling this model here in the Philippines, I thought otherwise. This phone is already way too overdue for a mobile phone market like Philippines.

Hi! Nokia is now about to release the Lumia 800 here very very soon! As a matter of fact, Globe will start to take pre-orders for this starting tomorrow!
Please wait for announcements nalang if you want an unlocked unit. :) ________________________________

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