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Summer is Coming Soon, Read These Tips on How to Travel Efficiently

Summer is fast approaching. And that means it's time for vacation and lots of travels! And I am here to give you tips on how to pack efficiently so your vacation will be fun and relaxing.

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Packing for a travel vacation may be hard for some. Sometimes, people want to take many stuffs as much as they can. But that is not always possible as there is a limitation on how much stuffs we can bring specially if we will travel on a plane. Want to save space on your travel bags? Read on.

How to Travel Efficiently
1. Think. Think what should you bring. Instead of bring separate things for different functions, think of a thing that can do all of the things that you will need in your trip. A good example, would be the Nokia N9. The N9 is an all-in-one device. Music player, camera, HD video recorder, not to mention it's still a phone. This is just an example, you can do the same for other things too.

2. Set priorities. When packing, you should make a priority list for different things. First things first, like your passports and tickets. Use your phone to make reminders, or you could just use a pen and paper.
3. Don't double. Toothpaste, shampoo, soaps. You don't have to take one of them for every people that will go with you, right? My suggestion, buy bigger packs of those kinds of things and just share them with your family. Much less load to carry.
4. Be Appy! Are you still bring your good 'ol maps? Why don't you just use your phone and download essential apps for your vacation? Nokia Maps will help you do the job for that. It is always reliable, ever. Other apps may include flight trackers, weather apps, etc.
5. Fill those spaces for souvenirs. If you followed the tips above, sure you've saved some space now. Fill those space with souvenirs before heading back home.
6. Wear large clothes now. Instead of putting your jackets, pants, and other big clothes in the bag, why not just use them when you travel? It will help you save space again, and will keep you warm if you'll be on a plane.
7. Check the forecast. Will it be rainy or sunny when you go out? Check the weather forecast from PAGASA, on the newspapers, or on TV. You may also use apps on your phone to check it. Did you know that Nokia Maps Suite has a weather app included?
8. Plan your activities. An itinerary list would be handy on your travel. If you're going to stay on a hotel at your destination, ask them if they are offering tour services. Tell them what places do you want to visit.
9. Check baggage rules. Contact the airline and ask the baggage rules before you go because they often charge for overages.

Now I hope you will have a happy, stress-free, and a wonderful summer vacation with these tips. =)

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