Saturday, April 28, 2012

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Sony Xperia Arc S, Xperia Ray, and Xperia Neo V Now Available in the Philippines

Heads-up Sony Mobile owners in the Philippines! The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for your devices. My cousin just tipped me that she has just updated her Xperia Arc S to ICS last Tuesday.

I was not able to get more info about the update from her but she said her Arc S got a little bit faster, perhaps due to the more optimized OS.

Some new features and changes with the update:
-Smart lockscreen
-Smart dialer
-New widgets
-Face unlock (front-facing camera required)
-New and improved multitasking UI
-Data usage tracker
-New Performance Assistant app

The update bumps your Xperia's Android version to 4.0.3.

You may not get the update by connecting your phone to your PC and using Sony's PC Companion software for Windows or Bridge for Mac.

Thanks Kate!

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I've updated my Xperia Arc S, and guess what, after the update, the screen doesn't respond to touch controls at all... It turns on alright, but I can't register a touch on the screen :(
I've tried re-installing the software as well but to no avail.

 Have you tried doing a hard reset?

I reinstalled the firmware thru Bridge for Mac, as I can't do a hard reset since the phone's touchscreen isn't responding.
Is there any other advice you might have for me? It would be really appreciated, as I really don't want to go for the extremely time consuming warranty claim proceedure...

Found this for you:

If you phone has completely frozen and you want to hard reset it, turn
the Power off or pull the battery out and put it back in. Then hold down
the Volume Down key. Then press and hold the Power key. The phone will
turn itself on. When you are presented with a menu, choose Clear Storage
by pressing the Volume Down key. Press and release the Power button. To
confirm, press Volume Up for Yes or Volume Down for No.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info. but unfortunately, it just shows a 'Safe Mode' logo beneath the unlock slider. 

I owned a Xperia mini ST15i, do you think it will also included in v4.0 update?

Well, you can flash it back to downgrade to honeycomb (which COULD void your warranty, but it's not like they'll know once you upgrade it back to ICS anyways). You  then have the option of keeping it on honeycomb until a more stable version is released or just stay with honeycomb. 

hi, i have also updated the OS of my xperia arc S from gingerbread to android 4.0, but I`m just wondering why it does not show up the facebook timeline user interface and still remains on the old basic style, but it was made possible before with my old OS, android 2. Ive tried to install the adobe flash player 11 because I understand from my research that it complies with android 4 requirement. But still it does not updated my facebook interface. Does anyone here has an idea how can I resolve my problem? The only thing I want is to show up the timeline interface on my facebook mobile, because I`ve already my timeline interface on when I`m using my laptop & with android gingerbread. Thank you so much!

Hi! Are you using the browser or the Facebook app? Try checking for updates for the app.

 Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. It is on the application, I have tried to update the apps as well but still no changes occur..:((

i have the same problem with my xperia Arc - no timeline in my facebook application ( verion 1.9.5 - newest update) 

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