Monday, April 2, 2012

Smart Beefs Up It's Portfolio With the New Windows Phones

Smart is beefing up it's line of smartphones as they introduce Nokia devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone to more Filipinos.

Smart is targeting people across all economic classes, be it the young minds with tight budgets, or the people who wants the premium devices.

"We’re giving Filipinos the full-range of choices.  Whether entry-level, mid-range or high-end, our portfolio of Windows-powered Nokia phones enable our subscribers to get the right device at the right price and enjoy it with the country’s most powerful cellular network," said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Gio Bacareza.

Nokia Lumia 710
The first Nokia device with Windows Phone to be available from Smart is the mid-range Nokia Lumia 710. People can have it for only P450/month for 24 months on their Limited Edition Data Plan 1000 - which gives them 500 SMS to all networks, 500 minutes of calls to Smart and Talk 'N Text, and of course 1 GB of data. The Nokia Lumia 710 can take advantage of Smart's HSPA+ networks and it can handle up to 14.4 Mbps of data speeds. The 3.7-inch screen and the Internet Explorer 9 will let you surf the web as if you're using your PC.

"That’s just P10,800 for a full-fledged Windows phone,” said Bacareza. “Plus, with the limited edition Plan 1000 the first ‘Lumia-naries’ in the country can maximize the capabilities of this wonderful phone," he added.

Nokia Lumia 610
For those who are looking for a very affordable smartphone, look no more! The most affordable Windows Phone will be soon available from Smart - the Nokia Lumia 610. This phone has an 800 MHz processor, 5 Megapixels autofocus camera which can shoot HD 720p videos, and 8 GB of storage. Having an affordable smartphone doesn't always mean you'll get a cheap hardware.

Nokia Lumia 900
Of course there's the people who's looking for the best in class phone. The Nokia Lumia 900 is the best of Nokia's Windows Phones. It's just beautiful, it's mouth watering, it is jaw-dropping. Oh, and have I mentioned that this phone supports 4G HSPA+ that can give you an up to 42 Mbps of rocket-high speeds?

Dharmesh Goshalia, General Manager and Head of Sales of Nokia Philippines has this to say about the Smart proposition to consumers: "We like the fact that Smart is encouraging Filipinos to ‘live more’ and we believe they can with the Nokia Lumia 710. The purposely built, no-nonsense smartphone is designed for instant social and image sharing and the best browsing experience with IE9. The Windows Phone experience on a Lumia device can be amazing for those willing to try it out."

Keep your eyes peeled at Smart as they will be soon offering these line of Windows Phones.

Oh and to end this article, Smart has been supporting Windows Phone since the launch of the HTC Mozart in 2010.

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