Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Windows 8 Editions Announced - Say Hello to a More Simple Naming Scheme

Microsoft has finally outed the new editions for their upcoming operating system, the Windows 8.

We can now safely say goodbye to the old naming scheme, as Microsoft retires the old system of naming Windows SKU's.

Windows 8 will be simply the official name of the operating system for the x86/x64 machines. Under that, there will be only 2 versions, the Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Pro. The former will include most of the features that used to be only available on Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7, such as changing language packs. Meanwhile the Pro version will include features that's aimed at tech enthusiasts and professionals. It adds encryption, virtualization, PC management, and domain connectivity. The Windows Media Center that used to be available for Windows 7 Home Premium and above will be only available as a paid add-on for Windows 8 Pro.

Finally there's the Windows RT. It will be the name of the WoA (Windows 8 on ARM) from now on. It will be only available pre-installed on tablets and machines that run on the ARM processor. It will come with a touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office. It will not have Windows Media Player on it, but I guess Zune will be there. The Windows RT name is not kinda noob-friendly, in my opinion. If you will check the post on the source below, there's already a lot of comments that suggests Microsoft to change or think of another name for this version.

You can know more about this at the Windows Team Blog.

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