Friday, December 7, 2012

These are the Globe iPhone 5 plans (update)

This post has been updated to reflect the final Globe iPhone 5 plans and pricing details.


Globe Telecom has finally revealed their iPhone 5 plans and pricing today. You pay the cashout fee with a credit card for 24 months, so if we’ll take the Plan 1799 as an example, then you're going to pay P1,999 (P1,799 MSF + P200 cashout/month) monthly. You will also get 4 months subscription worth P1,596 for their new phone insurance program called Gadget Care. It allows you to get a new phone in a case of theft and damage at a discounted price. Aside from that, you also get a 1 year subscription of the Globe GCash American Express virtual card, and 50% off on iPhone 5 accessories.

iPhone 5 16GB
Plan 999 – P19,200 cashout
Plan 1799 – P4,800 cashout
Plan 2499 – FREE
Plan 3799 – FREE
Plan 5000 – FREE

iPhone 5 32GB
Plan 999 – P23,976 cashout 
Plan 1799 – P10,800 cashout
Plan 2499 – P4,800 cashout
Plan 3799 – FREE
Plan 5000 – FREE

iPhone 5 64GB
Plan 999 – P30,000 cashout 
Plan 1799 – P15,096 cashout
Plan 2499 – P10,080 cashout
Plan 3799 – P4,800 cashout
Plan 5000 – FREE

No contract pricing (Prepaid)
iPhone 5 16GB – P35,400
iPhone 5 32GB – P40,800
iPhone 5 64GB – P46,300

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Who is your source? Someone inside Globe?

how bout if i am already a plan holder of 4S, but wants to get this iphone 5. can they offer discount?

kelan kaya nila ioffer to? any idea?

Pag mas mahal sa 4S yan, di papatok yan, wala naman gaanong nabago, screen size lang, yung LTE, hahah ewan ko kung need talaga, 3G pa lang nga at edged minsan walang signal.

iPhone 5 is very tempting to buy. I am currently enjoying my recently bought HTC One X, then they release the One X+. Tsk. Anyhoo, the list seems reasonable. I hope to own one soon. :3

When will Globe launch IPhone 5?

Everybody will be surprised. The quotation is not even close. Excited!

It's supposed to be cheaper because the USD currency is now lower

May pre-order page na sila sa globe site. pero last 2 months. I received a call from for shortlisted interested buyers.

If your plan contract is already lapsed or more than 12months. I think they will give you a good terms.

Is it true that the prepaid (no contract) iPhone is also locked to the network?

Hi! The Reset plan for Globe iPhone5 is available to all existing Globe postpaid subscribers! :) Know your discount thru the iPhone 5 reset calculator. Here's the link:

Anong gb yung sa credit card cash out fir 200 php? :)

It's the 16GB model at Plan 1,799.

how about the 4s plan?
disappointed talaga ako kasi nag apply ako ng 4s plan, 999/month then 4800 cashout. nung nasa shop na ako pra kunin ko na yung unit, ayun ang sabi,wrong info, 14200 yung cashout pra sa 999 na plan sa 4s. yung money ko pa nman is 6k lang

bakit nagtanong ako ng plan nila dun wala daw ganitong offers tapos sa ibang globe meron naman daw,...

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