Thursday, December 6, 2012

Globe to slash P12,000 off iPad 3 pricing

iPad 3 Globe Plans

Just received this info from a source. Globe will soon slash off as much as P12,000 on the pricing of the iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G model on it’s Tattoo Plans. This might be in line with the imminent arrival of the 4th generation iPad. If you’re planning to get an iPad with a cellular data connection then this might interest you. Check out the new pricing matrix below.

New Pricing
Plan 999 (unlimited data)

16GB – P14,990
32GB – P17,990
64GB – P21,990
Plan 499 (50 hours)
16GB – P19,990
32GB – P23,990
64GB – P26,990
16GB – P23,990
32GB – P27,990
64GB – P31,990

Old Pricing
Plan 999
16GB – P21,990
32GB – P25,990
64GB – P30,990
Plan 499
16GB – P28,990
32GB – P33,990
64GB – P38,990
16GB – P29,990
32GB – P34,990
64GB – P39,990

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