Friday, December 21, 2012

Launch kids into space with Wakajaka

Wakajaka Space

And no, before you think that Wakajaka is some sort of rocket launcher for kids, I’m going to tell you that it is a game that let’s you (or your kids??) build your own unique spaceship from unconventional pieces like house-hold appliances and car tires. Done designing? BOOOOOOOOM. You can now launch your homegrown spaceship.

During your journey you will encounter surprises that only exists in Waka Space; Bump into planets that reveals flowers, fly with the little fairy and pick up the golden coins - but watch out for the grumpy officer Kabanos!

Waka Space is very kid-friendly. Creating and launching spaceships is very easy and intuitive, smoke-free, and ad-free. You can also check out their two other titles, Waka Fireworks and Waka Sleep Aid, available on iOS.

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