Saturday, October 6, 2012

Globe allows you to check anyone’s prepaid balance using a USSD code

I just discovered this thing that is available on all Globe Prepaid accounts. Apparently, anyone can check anyone’s remaining prepaid balance just by dialing a USSD code. The steps are dead-simple.


All you have to do is dial *143#, then choose option 2 then 2 again, or *143*2*2# (shortcut) and enter the 10 digit Globe Prepaid number (i.e. 9171234567). And whoala! You just seen someone else’s prepaid balance. This is kind of creepy though. Someone can view your balance and use it against your (or our) lies that you don’t have a balance to send a message or make a call.

This is also useful, in the same situation. You can check if the one you’re texting or calling is saying he or she don’t have a load and tell them “Well, last I checked you have P500 load!”.

What do you think? Is this a good thing or should Globe take this feature away now?

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Whoa! This is very useful indeed! Didn't know that Globe users have this option. Thanks for sharing :))

Astig talaga ang Globe dahil dito. No need to remember any promo code at kung san ise-send :) Naka dual SIM titan ako at lamang ang gamit ng Globe kumpara sa kabila dahil sa 143 ng Globe Telecoms

This is invasion of privacy and unregulated sharing of account info!!! This is only helpful for con-artists and scammer!!!

hahaha. Salamat :) Sabi ko paano niyang nalalaman kung ilan balance ko, diyosa raw siya, ulol niya :D

Hi, is that possible to check your own balance with that method typing *143*2*1#
instead of *143*2*2#. I do not have a GLOBE phone, so I can not check by my own. Could you tell me how to check my own balance in GLOBE prepaid

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