Sunday, October 28, 2012

HP offering P1,000 gift card for eligible notebooks towards Windows 8 upgrade

Do you recently purchased an HP notebook that came preinstalled with Windows 7 and felt bummed to find out that you have to shell out $14.99 just to upgrade it to Windows 8?

HP Windows 8 Offer

Well, get happy now as HP is offering a P1,000 gift card to buyers of eligible notebooks from October 23 until November 30, 2012 to cover the amount.

If your notebook happen to belong to the eligible models listed below, just ready the following: Photocopy of End-user invoice showing the date of purchase/transaction, SR name, invoice number, end-user name and contact details (including email address), product model purchased with serial number, reseller name and branch location, the original cut-out serial number sticker, and a photocopy of end-user’s valid ID and present it to the claim point which is located at the HP Store SM Megamall and claim your gift card. You can then use it to purchase Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (approximately P630.00) at The gift card is valid until December 31, 2013 but the $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade period is only until January 31, 2013, take note of that.

Eligible HP Notebooks
HP Envy 4-1003TU
HP Envy 4-1009TX
HP Envy 4-1047TX
HP Envy 4-1048TX
HP Envy 4-1054TX
HP Envy 4-1055TX
HP Folio 13-1001TU
HP Folio 13-1013TU
HP Pavilion G4-1204AX
HP Pavilion DM1-4012TU
HP Pavilion DM1-4209AU
HP Pavilion DM4-3001TX
HP Pavilion DM4-3107TX
HP Pavilion DV4-3106TX
HP Pavilion DV4-3107TX
HP Pavilion DV4-5012TX
HP Pavilion DV6-6157TX
HP Pavilion DV6-6168TX
HP Pavilion DV6-6c06TX
HP Pavilion DV6-7014TX
HP Pavilion G4-1214TX
HP Pavilion G4-1215TX
HP Pavilion G4-1314TX
HP Pavilion G4-1342TX
HP Pavilion G4-1345TX

Source: HP

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