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ASUS outs touch-powered VivoBook series with Windows 8

ASUS just announced two new notebooks belonging to their VivoBook series — the X202E and S400.

ASUS VivoBook S200 Steel Grey

The Asus VivoBooks are all full-featured notebooks with a slim form-factor and is also optimized for the mostly touch-based Windows 8 while still retaining the good ol’ keyboard. They feature 2-second instant on, 32GB of WebStorage for 3 years, and the ASUS SonicMaster audio.

The ASUS VivoBook X202E will come in two flavors: one with a third-generation Intel Core i3 processor with 4GB of RAM, and the other one having the Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM. Both models will have a 1366x768 screen resolution on a 11.6-inch panel and 500GB of hard drive capacity. The Ivy Bridge model will be priced at P26,995 while the Celeron model will go for P20,995 and both will be available starting first week of November.

On the other hand, the larger ASUS VivoBook S400 will feature a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a 14-inch screen with the same 1366x768 resolution, a choice of 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB of hard drive plus 24GB SSD. It’s priced P34,995 and will be coming in this November as well.

Introducing the Touch-Powered ASUS VivoBook Series
Offers customers uniquely intuitive experiences, enhanced computing and multimedia, and a highly mobile premium design

Manila, Philippines (October 23, 2012) ― ASUS VivoBook form the beginning of a series of devices in screen sizes ranging from 11.6” to 14”, all developed around natural touch as key to incredible user experiences and greater customer happiness. Optimized for Windows 8, ASUS VivoBooks showcase an attractive, durable, and very portable design. They integrate ASUS SonicMaster audio and 2-second instant on, and all models include 32GB of WebStorage cloud space for three years. ASUS VivoBooks embody a new way of offering enjoyable and intuitive notebook experiences to customers, with additional models joining the series by the end of the year.

VivoBooks add greater happiness to lives
Providing the finest touch technology for more natural and rewarding interaction, VivoBook X202E and S400 models reinforce the ASUS Customer Happiness 2.0 spirit, offering technology perfectly-tuned to create better, more enjoyable, and more rewarding lifestyles. All VivoBook Series products have been designed with stand-out aesthetics, true-to-life sound, and instinctive touch. They are ideal for the increasingly cloud-based nature of computing, supporting seamless connectivity and usage on the go while specifically aimed at making people happier through the use of technology they can rely on wherever they may be.

Design principles
To achieve the attractive VivoBook look, ASUS designers opted for a slim and light form factor across the entire series. The all-glass screen offers a more elegant and immersive appearance, while the chassis uses durable yet artful metal to maintain consistency with fellow ASUS innovations such as ZENBOOK, incorporating the same tapered design. At the same time, VivoBooks have their own distinct feel, encouraging customers to use and carry them with pride. They have been fashioned to be as comfortable to carry as a book, with all edges rounded and smoothed for a reassuring feel. VivoBook is available in a selection of vibrant colors.

All about intuitive touch
From a technology and engineering standpoint, the primary purpose of VivoBook is to provide completely intuitive touch experiences optimized for Windows 8. Touch is much more than just a feature: it is the very essence of the VivoBook experience. All models employ highly responsive multi-point touch panels, and the larger touchpads likewise encourage smooth haptic input, incorporating ASUS Smart Gesture technology. The compact VivoBook uses a touchpad sized for 14” notebooks, giving customers more input space. Combined, these guarantee fully-satisfying user experiences based on touch.

Living sound with SonicMaster
True to their name, VivoBooks deliver lifelike experiences in every way. For audio, they are equipped with exclusive ASUS SonicMaster technology, generating powerful sound with wider range, deeper bass, and clearer vocals. VivoBooks improve multimedia, benefitting from the hardware and software optimization experience of ASUS audio engineering, with the addition of Technical Grammy-winning MaxxAudio sound processing tools. Once more, the X202E receives upsized hardware. Although 11.6” in size, its speakers were designed for 14” to 15” models, resulting in more powerful and immersive sound than that offered by much bulkier standard notebooks. 

Made for the cloud and incredibly responsive
True 2-second instant on resume from sleep mode gives customers near-instantaneous access to Windows 8 even after prolonged periods away from devices, removing the need for lengthy waits as the system reboots. Battery efficiency lengthens standby time to 15 days on VivoBook. This seamless experience integrates well into a cloud-centric design, as VivoBooks have been created with cloud computing in mind. All models include 32GB of ASUS WebStorage space at no charge for three years.

Local Availability
The ASUS VivoBook X202E will be initially available in the Philippines by 1st week of November in two configurations. One with an Intel Core i3 Processor for SRP Php26,995 and one with Intel Celeron Processor for Php 20,995. While the S400 will available for SRP Php35,995 this coming November as well.



ASUS VivoBook X202E

ASUS VivoBook X202E

ASUS VivoBook S400


Intel® Core™ i3 Ivy Bridge

Intel® ULV Celeron® 847

Intel® Core™ i5 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Processor

Operating system

Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8


11.6" 16:9 HD (1366 x 768) LED backlit

11.6" 16:9 HD (1366 x 768) LED backlit

14" 16:9 HD (1366 x 768) LED backlit


Intel HD Graphics

Intel HD Graphics

Intel HD Graphics


4GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM

2GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM

1600MHz DDR3 up to 8GB (onboard 2GB/4GB + 1 DIMM)

Hard drive

500GB, 5400rpm

500GB, 5400rpm

500GB 5400rpm + 24GB SSD (cache)

Optical drive





30.3cm x 20.0cm x 21.7mm

30.3cm x 20.0cm x 21.7mm

33.9cm x 23.9cm x 21mm


1.40Kg (with 38W/h polymer battery)

1.40Kg (with 38W/h polymer battery)

1.8Kg (with 44W/h polymer battery)


Php 26,995

Php 20,995

Php 35,995

Product specifications and features may change without prior notice. Check for further details.

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