Monday, October 8, 2012

Smart adds another LTE data plan, bundled with the new pocket Wi-Fi

Smart recently announced the new pocket Wi-Fi device that will be joining the LTE lineup but left us out with the pricing.

Smart LTE Pocket Wi-Fi Plan 1749

Today though, they’ve finally revealed it. The LTE Pocket Wi-Fi device, which is a Huawei E589, will be priced at P2,000 on the Plan 1749 which includes 10GB of monthly data. Yes, you’ve read that right. Smart has lowered the pricing for the 10GB LTE data plan to just P1,749 monthly and, obviously, they will have to add more to the existing Plan 3500. So they bumped it to a whopping 21GB of data for you to use.

What puzzles me though is that why on earth did they offered the LTE Pocket Wi-Fi device with a much lower data allocation than the for-one-use-at-time USB dongle? They could’ve just swapped the two. Offer the regular LTE dongle at Plan 1,749 still with 10GB data and the LTE Pocket Wi-Fi on the Plan 3,500 with 21GB of data. You know it makes sense, right? Because after all, it is a pocket Wi-Fi device that’s meant to share the data connection.

On the other news, LTE is now even more accessible at more areas. I can see that they are already activating more LTE cell towers in the Quezon City area.

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