Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iOS 6.1 also brings LTE on iPad, only Globe users need apply

iPad LTE Globe and Smart Philippines

With the release of iOS 6.1, Apple did not only add LTE support on the iPhone 5, they also enabled it on the 4th-generation iPad and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular models.

As of now, LTE is only available on Globe. You should also make sure you have the iPad with model number A1460 or the iPad mini with model number A1455 lest you will not see the LTE option on your iPad.

Source: Apple

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I cannot use my cellular data on my iPad for..
Help needed because after updating it to ios 6.1,my micro sim always says you are not subscribe to Ny network..pla help

Try to reset your network settings then restart your iPad. Check the APN din.

Any indication why Smart was excluded from iPad LTE? Grrr, I just upgraded to ipad with Retina (yes, model # A1460) but I have Smart. Should I switch? Will Apple and Smart tie in with iPad LTE soon?

Try to ask Smart to have your SIM card provisioned for LTE. Technically, it should work.

How can this happen? Smart has 3 LTE bands 2100, 1800 and 850, while globe has only 1band 1800? Technically it should work on smart

Technically, yes, it should work. You also need an LTE-provisioned SIM card from Smart.

I've been using LTE for my ipad 4 since Feb 9 2013 and all of a sudden just today March 15 2013 it's not getting the LTE. It's just sitting on 3G and I even subsribed to 299 LTE that will last for a week. I can't think of anything... I tried everything T_T

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