Monday, January 28, 2013

Apple enables LTE on iPhone 5 on Globe and SMART


iPhone 5 LTE Globe and Smart Philippines

Apple has officially enabled the LTE functionality on the iPhone 5 both on Globe and SMART. As we have reported last week, Apple is set to unlock the previously restricted feature of the iPhone 5 on 36 more carriers this week.

Now that it’s here, all it takes for you to see that ‘Enable LTE’ toggle (which replaces the 3G toggle) on your iPhone 5 is to update it to iOS 6.1.

Up until now, though, both Globe and SMART are yet to detail out the processes their subscribers should do to be able to get LTE service on their phones. But since it has been officially announced by Apple, they should be on that matter anytime now.

Source: Apple

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Hope they can quickly expand the LTE coverage to other provinces or cities aside from Makati.

does this override the a1428/a1429 conflict

It will only work with the A1429 model.

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