Thursday, January 17, 2013

SMART introduces new Family Circle Plans

Smart Postpaid Family Circle Plans

SMART Communications recently announced the newest addition to their postpaid lineup, the Family Circle Plans.

The Family Circle Plans is SMART’s offering for families looking for a way to be always connected with each other. It has two tiers, the 3 circle (Plans 800 and 1200) and 4 circle (Plans 1800 and 2500). The 3 circle plans come with 3 lines with consecutive phone numbers, latter one comes with 4. Each line gets its own credit limit, consumable amount allotment, and billing statement.

For example, the Family Circle Plan 2500 comes with 4 mobile phone lines. The primary line gets a P700 allocation and the 3 remaining lines get P600 each. Allocations may vary with each plan. The Family Circle Plan 800 has a P300 allocation for the primary line and P250 each for the remaining lines.

Subscribers will also get one device for each line in the plans. All plans come with consecutive phone numbers so it will be easy to remember.

Check out SMART’s website for more details.

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