Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Globe offers free access to Facebook to its 36 million customers


Yesterday, Facebook executives flew all the way to Manila from California to announce their new partnership with Globe Telecom. The new collaboration between the two aims to bring an early holiday gift to the carrier’s more than 36 million customers which is: free usage of Facebook across many devices.

Globe says they worked with the engineers at Facebook to come up with a seamless integration of the free offering on various platforms like their mobile website and apps. For one, customers who use Facebook on Globe’s wireless network will be shown that they are not being charged (see screenshot above and below).


As a way to prevent users from getting their prepaid balance ‘eaten’, Facebook has set up a notification page whenever users click on a link leading to other websites, say Instagram, with a one-click registration to Globe’s data plans. Plans (or promos, if you want) that are displayed will depend on a user’s available prepaid balance, and if you don’t have any, you will be able to borrow or loan 10MB for P10 which will be deducted on your next reload.

Screenshot_2013-10-18-23-51-44 Screenshot_2013-10-18-23-52-12

Globe is actively rolling out free Facebook access to its 36 million prepaid (TM included) and postpaid customers and targets to cover them all by October 31. You can know more about the free Facebook offering by dialing *143# and choosing ‘FREE FB’.

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