Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is Globe offering free Facebook access?


If the new banners within the Facebook app for Android are of any indication, then we might see free access to the social networking site in the near future.

Earlier, while I was using the Facebook app just how I normally would on my phone, a splash screen asked me if I want to use Facebook without data charges (read: free) on Globe. I accepted it out of curiosity and lo and behold, a banner below the main action buttons on the app (see screenshot above) is now stating that “(I am) using Facebook for free with Globe and TM." I checked my balance and I indeed didn't get charged for the usage.

Moreover, this free Facebook offering from Globe seems to be more integrated with the app than I expected. Clicking on links to other websites outside of Facebook (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, etc) warns me that standard data charges would now apply. In the same screen, there are options to proceed normally (and get charged at P5/15 minutes) or to buy a 10MB data for P10. I tried the latter and I received an SMS that says I now have 10MB of data. It worked.

Screenshot_2013-10-18-23-51-44 Screenshot_2013-10-18-23-52-12

Could this be a new unannounced offering from Globe which just slipped into the app? For the record, I’m using a beta version of the Facebook app from the Google Play Store. It is possible that this is indeed the case. Have you seen this on the app on your phone, too? If you did, sound off in the comments section below.

We’re getting more info from the folks at Facebook and Globe Telecom and will post updates if we hear back from them.

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