Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Smart fires up LTE on the 1800MHz band

Smart Communications, Inc. just fired up it’s LTE network on the 1800MHz band, making them the first to have multi-band LTE in the country.

Smart 4G LTE Multi-band - Smart and PLDT Executives

“Offering LTE in multiple frequencies will give us and out subscribers greater flexibility,” said Rolando G. Peña, PLDT-Smart Technology Group Head. As you may remember, Smart recently launched the first commercial LTE network just last August 25, but that is riding on the 2100MHz band, the same one used by NTT DoCoMo on Japan. Having LTE on multiple frequency will help people who have devices acquired from the other countries, as many countries have LTE on the 1800MHz band.

Smart also have multi-band configurations of its GSM network, which runs on the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. It’s 3G and HSPA+ networks, on the other hand, operates on 850MHz and 2100MHz.

Smart is offering LTE for P3,500 a month which gives users unlimited data, until October 25, wherein after that, customers will only get 10GB of data allowance.

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