Friday, September 7, 2012

More details point to a September iPhone 5 release in the Philippines

Just as if the new Globe nano-SIM cards are not enough for us to speculate that the new iPhone are coming here in the country soon, the carrier has gone further and sent out text blasts to some of its postpaid subscribers.

Globe iPhone 5

I got that screenshot from a Globe employee who wants to remain anonymous. I received that message from Globe. Globe Postpaid subscribers out there, have you received the same message as well? Fire up in the comments section below.
Oh and just to add, a Smart Communications, Inc. exec has also teased its subscribers that the Philippines may indeed be one of the firsts in Asia to get the new device. Will you buy the new iPhone when it comes out or will you just wait for the features to be revealed and then decide? If you will get it, from which telco?

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