Friday, September 7, 2012

Globe’s new nano-SIM cards are here, and they are arriving at stores this month

Look what we have here!

Globe Nano SIM Card

That is Globe Telecom’s new nano-SIM card. It is supposedly coming this month. Yes, this September, the nano-SIMs will be available at Globe Stores.

The nano-SIM are the next generation of SIM (subscriber identity module) cards that follows the not-so-old micro-SIM that was first used by the iPad. According to ETSI, the nano-SIM is 40% smaller than the already-small micro-SIM. Imagine, it’s just 12.3 millimeters wide, 8.8 millimeters high, and 0.67 millimeters thick. it’s more easier than ever to misplace your precious SIM card.

Globe said it will stock as much as 5x more nano-SIMs than the standard mini SIMs soon. “Once again, Globe pioneers in bringing the latest technologies to Filipino mobile phone users as we offer the revolutionary Nano-SIMs in our Globe Stores with the availability of newer smartphone models using this type of SIM very soon,[…]” said Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid.

Is the Globe exec talking about the upcoming iPhone? The phrase ‘very soon’ and the fact the new nano-SIMs will be in stock as soon as this month makes me think that the Philippines will be one of the first countries to get the new iPhone. You know, what’s the point to release nano-SIMs when there’s no device that people can use it for yet? What a very exciting September.

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