Friday, September 14, 2012

Apple also unveiled the iPod touch 5th generation, pre-order now

Just in case you didn’t know, Apple also updated their iPod lineup, and the iPod touch 5th generation is part of that.

iPod touch 5th generation Philippines

The iPod touch is probably the product who received the biggest upgrades among all that Apple announced last September 12. It got a new, bigger (taller) 4-inch screen which has the same 1136x640 resolution. The display is now an IPS one, and Apple also added the oleophobic coating the iPhone has always enjoyed. It got a new body as well, this time even thinner than its predecessor.just 6.1mm thin. The tapered edges are gone, it now have a more flat and blocky looks. And finally, the chrome back is goooone! It is now replaced by an anodized aluminum case. No more million-scratches-after-one-week-of-use rants!

The iPod touch 5th generation is now powered by the A5 chip, the same one as on the iPhone 4S. For connectivity, Apple added Bluetooth 4.0 and updated the Wi-Fi chip, which now supports 802.11 a/b/g/n2.4GHz and 5GHz which will work with the new dual-band routers. As expected, it also uses the new Lightning™ connector. Every new iPod touch now also comes with the loop – which is, well, a loop, or a lanyard in other terms. It attaches to the small silver circle that you see at the lower left corner of the iPod touch’s back side. Just press that thing and it will pop-out, letting you attach the loop. It now also supports AirPlay Mirroring.

What probably the biggest upgrade it received is the new iSight camera. Apple slapped a 5 Megapixels one on it’s back. Yes it is autofocus. Yes it have an LED flash. Yes it can record 1080p videos. Yes it has the same sapphire crystal lens cover. And yes, it can do panoramas. Well, Apple brags about the last.

So where and when can you get one? At the Apple Online Store Philippines for now. You can pre-order yours for P16,490 for the 32GB variant and P21,990 for the 64GB one. It now comes in more colors, you can pick from slate, silver, blue, yellow, pink and the Product (RED) one. First batch of orders will ship on October.

Oh I forgot, Siri is included.

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