Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hate Apple Maps? Here’s how you can replace it with Google or Nokia Maps with the original icon!

Did you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 6 and regret doing so? Because, you know, Apple’s own mapping solution (for the record: provided by TomTom) is not any better than Google Maps which was bundled on the previous versions of iOS.

Fret not! You can have the web-version of Google Maps with the original iOS icon by installing the configuration profiles Twitter user @benguild created. and run in it full-screen without the Mobile Safari URL and navigation bars. Just visit his blog for the complete steps which are very easy to do.

And, inspired by that nifty workaround, I present my own one – the full-screen Nokia Maps web app. Read on for more.


Nokia has their own mobile web version of their mapping solution, but they don’t have a native app for iOS yet. So I tried doing what @benguild did and voila, a native Nokia Maps web app!

Just install the web profile on your iOS device and if you have a password set, enter it, and done. Check your home screen for your new web app!
Click this link on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: (short link -

2012-09-30T17-39-14_1 2012-09-30T17-39-14_2

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The logo looks like the original logo (pre-iOS 6) but it's just really the web app in full-screen.

Why not pu the tutorial here instead of redirecting us on a new site ;(

This is the tutorial! :) But for the Google Maps, I have to link to the source.

which web app do u like more? nokia or google maps?

Nokia's mobile maps site is not optimized for Retina devices and Google has more data - so, I prefer Google (at least for reference). Nokia Maps navigation is still better!

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