Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFC - Tap Into Something New With Nokia

NFC enabled smartphones like the Nokia N9 allows users to  easily connect to compatible accessories or experience multiplayer gaming through a single tap. 
NFC. A new whole way to interact with almost anything, easily and very convenient. It lets you connect to any compatible accessories, say the Nokia Play 360, or the BH-219 headset or the BH-505 stereo headset. You can also do other things with NFC, from checking and downloading the latest movie trailers, checking colors and sizes available on the clothing store, to checking map directions to your favorite restaurant in town. NFC also allows you to do multiplayer games, such as on the Asphalt 5 HD and Angry Birds Magic.

Smart has also introduced their Tap Share program. With Smart's Tap Share, you can know your prepaid credits left on your account, download music and games by simply tapping your NFC enabled smartphone on NFC stickers attached on Smart Wireless Center and Smart Stores nationwide. I just hope that they will make more use of the NFC tags. Using it just to check your prepaid balance is just... odd.

NFC feature is supported and built-in on latest Symbian devices such as Nokia 603, 700, and 701. The MeeGo running phone Nokia N9 also has NFC. Existing C7 users can update their phone to Symbian Anna to enjoy the NFC features.

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