Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Symbian Carla and Donna Updates Coming on 2012?

Well well well. Looks what's posted above. It's a super clear blurry shot of what seems to be a leaked slide from a Nokia presentation. It even makes hard to understand because of the foreign language.

But according to SymbianLatino, it states that there are 2 more updates coming to Symbian, named Darla Carla and Donna. More details below.

Symbian Belle

  • Compatible with Nokia smartphones launched in the second half of 2011 with Symbian Anna (they're talking about X7, 500, and E6 here)
  • All Symbian^3 devices will receive the Symbian Belle update in Q1 2012 (talking about N8, E7, C7, and C6-01)
What the hell? I don't believe that we Symbian^3 users will get Belle in 2012! Nokia insisted that it will come on Q4 2011!!!

Symbian Carla
  • Nokia Browser 8.0
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • NFC (already have this in Belle, maybe new features?)
  • Best widgets (meh)
Now in Symbian Carla they have the Browser 8.0 which is definitely a major upgrade since the version 7 which I think shipped sinced the S60 3rd Edition, I don't know. Well I hope that this will bring full HTML 5 support, trash the Flash because it sucks anyway and makes our phones laggy and slow. Then come the Dolby Surround Sound, which is a win for audiophiles out there, NFC, maybe new uses and features? NFC payments I hope. And it ends with *drum roll* BEST WIDGETS! Horaaay! *sarcasm*

Oh and don't expect that Carla will come anytime soon. They're expecting an end-2012 to early 2013 release schedule. Moreover, I think this will be not compatible to first generation Symbian^3 and Anna phones, those without the 1GHz processor.

Symbian Donna
  • Dual-core processor support
Probably the last Symbian update, as they speculate. :(

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